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May 20, 2009 by Korwyn
Arrgh. Having just dealt with yet another PC which had a preloaded 90-day trial AV when they bought it - three years ago -, I had to vent. DELL, HP/COMPAQ, SONY, pretty much everybody who does this, I hate you. You both suck and blow. Like Megamaid. Go watch SpaceBalls.

I doubt that 3 in 10 people actually go buy the AV package (assuming they understand that the need to in the first place) and the response is almost always the same: "Yeah, I have a virus program", (I bite my tongue on t...
May 18, 2009 by Korwyn
As I look at the RC of Windows 7, I have to wonder (longingly) where - no how - did IBM screw up so badly? I'm not just talking about the loss of their OS/2 user base (which they screwed over), but all the smaller developers that invested so much into OS/2, which was the most stable PC OS platform (except for AmigaOS) for its time, with application segmentation that is still not even approached by Windows. And Win32s wasn't such a bad API. Really...it wasn't. Honest.


Not to mention...