"Driven from every other corner of the earth, Freedom of Thought and The Right of Private Judgement in matters of conscience direct their course to this happy country as their last asylum." Samuel Adams - 1776
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June 15, 2010 by Korwyn

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I cannot be the only one who feels as if every new day brings a new assault on this nation and its people by this administration. Indeed, many people I know say they can't even watch the news anymore because it's so depressing. And it is.

Some of these assaults occur under the radar, and others are right out in the open. As an example of the former, last week,...
May 2, 2010 by Korwyn

These rights and privileges are mine:

I may think as I please.I may  speak or write as I please, so long as I do not interfere with the rights of others.I have the right to vote. By my vote I choose the public officers who are really my servants.I have the right to choose my work, to seek any job for which my experience and ability have fitted me.I have the right to try and improve my lot through various means.I have the right to a prompt trial by jur...
April 26, 2010 by Korwyn
The Middle East is becoming more unstable by the hour. Two of the factors which have caused it to remain at a low to medium simmer over the last 40 years have been the strong backing of the United States for Israel, coupled with nominally pro-western (or at least heavily secularized) governments in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. However the rapid weakening of our pro-Israel position by President Obama is causing the fanatical religious sects of Islam to gain increasing power in the formerly se...
December 21, 2009 by Korwyn
I have read various portions of one of health care reform bills (HB3200) and found over the last few months that most people don't really want to have a discussion it. My experience has been that as soon as you start to address specific items in the bill or how they are worded and try to get people to talk about the potential ramifications and ultimate effect of these things, the conversation rapidly comes to an end. I would have to say that the majority of the people I have had conversations wi...
May 26, 2009 by Korwyn
So we can find a gene responsible for hair loss, but with all the billions of dollars pouring into the world's research facilites we can't seem to isolate the gene(s) for prostate and breast cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and hundreds of other fatal diseases?

And yes, I understand the entire concept of one discovery leads to another to a seemingly unrelated discovery, etc, etc, etc, but it still PISSES ME OFF.

I have to wonder if the 4.7 Trillion dollars of debt the US just picked up had ...
May 15, 2009 by Korwyn
I heard a comment on the radio the other morning with which I take issue. The guest on a local morning talk show said that "America (United States) is moving more to the center." Leaving out the whole semantic issue of what "center" means, I have to disagree. I believe that what is taking place is exactly the opposite, and that America (US) is polarizing to opposites. Part of this is reactionary on both extremes (you espouse this view, so I'll espouse a view that is even more contrarian to yours...
May 14, 2009 by Korwyn
With the summer travel and vacation season coming up I thought I'd post a travel reminder


Upon re-entering the United States (including from Canada or Mexico):


All electronic devices (thumbdrives, ipods, CD/DVD, laptops, phones, PDAs, cameras, etc.) you may have on your person (personal or business), in your carry-on, or in checked baggage are subject to inspection with or without cause.
 You may be required to divulge any passwords or codes necessary to access an...